15th July 2023
  This is a timeless saying passed down through generations... I want a story full of imagination.

The children of the "Moustakbali" program wanted to share their exciting journey and story, full of experiences and beauty. It all began with their play, "The Beginning and the End is Imagination," which was performed on Wednesday, August 1st, at the Red Crescent Theater in Tal Al-Hawa.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second work by the children of the "Moustakbali" program. Their first experience in theater and performance was through the play "Kingdom Land," where they learned about directing, scriptwriting, set design, and sound effects. From there, their second tale began with more advanced and specialized training. The focus was on the skill of imagination through drama exercises and theater, allowing the children to create imaginative lives for the characters they portrayed. The story "The Beginning and the End is Imagination" by Sonia Nimer, one of Tamer's publications, was chosen for this performance. Shadow theater techniques were used for the musical part of the play, and the "Yaraat" team participated in composing and performing the song. The theatrical director, Ashraf El-Afifi, played a prominent role in presenting the play in its unique form.

This theatrical activity is part of the "Moustakbali" program's Supported Education for Orphaned Students, funded by Abraj Group and supervised by "Al-Tawon." The implementation is carried out by Tamer Institute for Community Education.