1 How can I contact Tamer institution?

You can contact us by attending the institution's offices in Ramallah and Gaza at the following addresses:

  • Nozha St, Opposite to Ramallah Municipality Library, Ramallah – Palestine
  • Saad bin Al-Aas Street - next to the Holy Family School, Gaza – Palestine

or over the phone:

Or via E-mail:

2 Can I publish through Tamer Institute?

We welcome your participation with us, you can send examples and samples of your artwork to our email: tamer@palnet.com and we will contact you later. We also welcome your participation with us by filling out the following form: https://forms.gle/NvuaRmrv3RXFAUmN9

3 How can I get Tamer Institutes publications?

You can get Tamer institution`s publications from the institute itself:
Nozha St, Opposite to Ramallah Municipality Library, Ramallah – Palestine
Kindly contact us at: 022986121
Saad bin Al-Aas Street - next to the Holy Family School, Gaza – Palestine
Tel: 2843799 - 2867559
You can also order most of the publications electronically via our website: https://www.tamerinst.org/ar/products/list/34

4 Can I apply to work at Tamer institution?
5 How can I review and get Tamer institution`s publications?

You can view and obtain most of the Tamer institution publications online via our website: https://www.tamerinst.org/ar/products/list/34

6 What are the youth teams?

Based on our belief in building a reading community that is able to take care of itself and is aware of the issues that revolve around it, we believe in the need of building a reading youth, starting with building strong and empowered youth groups interested in literature and art, then working with them to develop their capabilities, stimulating the spirit of teamwork through delving in joint, collective, voluntary and training activities. The attempt to introduce young people to their personal abilities at the individual and collective levels continues, through giving them trainings to develop their skills. We also attempt to expose them to the Palestinian writing community through book discussions and hosting writersand those with artistic experiences or experiences that carry new values ​​and knowledge.

Tamer institution for Community Education seeks to manage and activate the voluntary youth groups that Tamer incubates and builds, which offer a number of voluntary projects and programs aimed at the advancement and development of society in various fields.

7 How can I donate books to schools and community libraries?

You can send books to Tamer Institute’s main branches or through coordinators, for us to check and donate.

8 I would like to volunteer with Tamer Institution

You can contact us via email to volunteer: tamer@palnet.com or via the next form https://forms.gle/hgDyASQnKC1xuNWf6

You can also view Tamer`s youth teams and apply to participate one of them: https://forms.gle/1ovUWv1pNfLw9JfQ8

10 How does publishing process happen?

The publishing process begins when the writer sends the text to Tamer institution, we review it internally, and then submit it to a reading committee to review the texts without knowing the name and identity of the writer, then we do the evaluation and contact the writers to apologize or to initiate cooperation with them.

11 Is there financial Fees publishing, illustrating, editing with institution?

Yes, fees are agreed upon after publishing decision.

12 What are working hours at the institution?

We work on Saturdays and Monday to Thursday
From 8:30-4:30

13 Is Tamer institution on social media?

Yes, you can find us on the following social media sites:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Good Reads,

14 Can I find Tamer's books outside Palestine?

Yes, and this is the list of distributors outside Palestine:
Jordan - Dar Al-Manhal
Jordan - Dar Al-Shorouk
Kuwait - Takween Library
Turkey - Sarayi book
Egypt - Dar Balsam
Lebanon - Dar Halaby

15 Do you have the old publications of Dar Al-Fata Al-Arabi?

Yes, they are available in Tamer institution for borrowing only, but if you want to buy them, you can contact Give Palestine Association here: https://bit.ly/2ZvwLxA