Publishing Unit

In 1993, the Publishing Unit at Tamer institute was established to provide high quality and interactive books for children and young adults. Moreover, the institute showed great interest in developing children’s literature. More than 200 books were published, concentrating on interactive learning and aiming at encouraging imagination and creativity among their target group. The books target subjects such as national identity, diversity, equal opportunities and children’s rights; Subjects that provide the space for the growth and development of their morals, values and community participation. Tamer’s publications vary to include translated stories, manuals for teachers and students, studies and researches, picture books and books for young adults, and different publications documenting Tamer’s projects and activities as well as periodicals.
Our institute participates in several Arab and international book fairs, cooperated with a number of international publishing houses aiming at introducing international children’s literature to Palestinian and Arab readers. In addition, we aim to enhance cultural exchange and understanding among people. Tamer Institute received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2009- the world’s largest prize for children’s literature- for reading promotion in Palestine.