15th July 2023
  “The Oil’s Secret Tale” by Waleed Daqqa wins the Etisalat Award  for Arabic Children’s Literature.

Tamer Institute for Community Education wins the Etisalat Award  for Arabic Children’s Literature. “The Oil’s Secret Tale” by Waleed Daqqa

The novel‭ ‬“The Oil’s Secret Tale”‭ ‬by the Palestinian prisoner and author Waleed Daqqa‭, ‬was announced today 31/10‭/ ‬2018‭ ‬at the Sharjah International Book Fair-UAE‭ ‬as the winner of the Etisalat Award for children’s book for 2018‭, ‬under the youth’s book of the year category‭. ‬The award was organized by the Emirati council for youth’s books‭, ‬which is considered one of the most prestigious awards for children’s and youth’s literature in the Arab world‭. ‬

The‭ ‬“Oil’s Secret Tale”‭ ‬is a novel for young adolescents‭, ‬and one of the first works presenting prison’s literature to this age group‭. ‬The story was Illustrated by Fuad Al Yamani‭, ‬and is placed in 96‭ ‬pages in middle-sized pieces‭, ‬and published by Tamer Institute for Community Education this year‭. ‬The novel narrates the story of a boy named Jud and his animal friends‭, ‬who undergo a journey full of adventures‭; ‬to allow Jude to visit his father in prison‭. ‬A journey full of surprises‭, ‬discoveries and combines all possibilities‭, ‬Jud‭, ‬his animal friends and Em Rumi‭; ‬the olive tree who gives him the Oil’s secret‭. ‬A novel that breaks the obstacles imposed and made by the occupation‭. ‬This Novel is a victory for childhood‭, ‬for knowledge and for imagination‭. ‬

In this occasion‭, ‬Tamer Institute congratulates its readers‭, ‬partners and the Palestinian community for winning the award‭, ‬and expresses its gratitude for the efforts put in the creation of this work‭. ‬The Institution also congratulates the author Waleed Daqqa for this achievement‭, ‬hoping that the book will be the source for his liberation and all the other Palestinian prisoners‭, ‬and for all the humans around the world‭. ‬

Tamer Institute for Community Education‭, ‬is a non-profit organization‭, ‬established in Jerusalem in 1989‭. ‬Tamer works across the‭ ‬West Bank and Gaza Strip‭, ‬primarily targeting children and young adults to encourage and deepen opportunities of learning among‭ ‬them‭. ‬The Institution owns a publication unit for children’s and young adult books‭, ‬and translates international literary works that enhance imagination‭, ‬and expose children and young adults to questions‭. ‬Tamer Institute received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Swedish Award in 2009‭, ‬which is considered to be the most important award for children’s literature in the world‭. ‬In addition to‭, ‬other awards such as the Italian MedChild Award in 2005‭. ‬