15th July 2023
  Palestinian Reading Campaign 2019

The child and the jar are the beginnings of things. They are the extension of the earth's components. They embody identity, innocence, and purity. The child and the jar are vessels of experience and knowledge, small in size but rich in meaning, curiosity, and a constant desire for discovery and asking questions. This understanding should extend to our world, the world of adults.

Children grow and develop with every movement, every game, and every story they hear from their grandparents, the land, and the four moons illuminating the hills of Miraamia and Akoub in the mountains of Jericho, and the dinosaurs.

Children, along with the sea of Jaffa or the sea of Gaza and the anemones, are like roots that extend to different and numerous places. This extension allows them to navigate through different eras, to learn about different cultures, to visit Isis, the Phoenicians, and Isfahan in Persia, and before them, Palestine. They gather stories that transport them to worlds forming a galaxy.

A galaxy that carries countless tales, colors, legends of the land and the prophets, and the memory of all the things they shared with their friends. It carries all the laughter that fills the earth and sky with joy, water, images, dances, and much more that we have yet to discover.

This is also the experience of Tamer Institute for Community Education, which began in 1989, thirty years ago. It started with love on all fours and, through numerous human experiences, whether they were children, boys, girls, teachers, librarians, or offices, it was able to rise and make its mark in the public space. Its celebration is not measured by the number of years but by the human experiences it has had with those who encountered the idea before the establishment.

The idea, which continues to grow and evolve with the experiences of children, librarians, and libraries, and by collecting stories from the Palestinian street about Jerusalem, the capital of Arab culture, and the maqamat, and the springs, we have gathered thousands of stories from our first book, as well as drawings by children, boys, and girls. We have printed millions of copies of reading passports and hundreds of titles to reach millions of readers who read, enjoyed, wrote, and colored the shores of the sea of Jaffa, Gaza, the hills of Gerizim and Ebal in Nablus, Tall El-Taweel in Al-Bireh, Arab Al-Jahalin, Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, and beyond.

With this transition from the state of the jar to the galaxy for the child and the idea, we can say that in Tamer Institute for Community Education, without these national partnerships with libraries, schools, youth centers, initiatives, ministries, and supporters, this fabric and nurturing environment of determination, effort, and perseverance towards a dream of creating more secure and free learning communities for Palestinian children, as well as children around the world facing increasingly challenging conditions, would not have been possible. The responsibilities are immense, but the march and the revolution in nurturing hope continue and grow with every smile of a child and the sparkle in their eyes towards a broader horizon for all of us.

In the beginning of April, we launch the Reading Promotion Campaign in Palestinian Society and extend the invitation to partners and parents to create additional galaxies for our children in this world. We also invite ourselves to further contemplation and learning from the experience. Share your observations and questions about the experience. For more information, follow us on our website www.tamerinst.org or contact us at +972 2 2986121 in Ramallah and +972 82 84799 in Gaza.