13th July 2023
  Launching a theater tour titled "Nile Forest"

Tamer Institute has launched a theatrical tour titled "Nile Forest," a shadow puppet play for children inspired by the album "Qalbi Ghaba" (My Heart is a Forest). This production is a collaboration between Tamer Institute and Sard Theater. The play is written by Majd Kayal, directed by Ayman Nahhas, with music and songs by Faraj Sulaiman and Raneen Hanna. The performance and puppetry are brought to life by Shaden Qanboura and Tareq Shaqour. The set and puppets are designed by Abdul Salam Abdo, and the artwork is created by artist Raouf Al Karai.

This production and the theatrical tour are supported by Abd Al-Muhsen Al-Qattan Foundation, as part of the Al-Qattan Performing Arts Grant for the year 2018.