Working with Youth

The overall aim of the youth program is to capacitate youth in having an active role in their local community, through reinforcing Tamer’s values. The overall objectives included:

  1. To deepen Tamer institution values of reading, strengthening national identity, Democracy, cooperation, creativity, expression, human rights, gender equality, critical thinking etc., among the youth teams (Nakheel groups) and transmit these values to the local community.
  2. To activate youth’s role in the local community and empower them to become the leaders in the Palestinian society.
  3. To increase youth's ability in self-expression through expressive art activities and Training.
  4. To empower the existing Nakheel groups, and increase the level of cooperation and communication among youth in the different programs held in the Institution.
  5. To establish and activate Nakheel groups in Palestine.
  6. To Network with youth institutions on the Palestinian, Arab and international levels 
  7. To Increase advocacy on the national, Arab and international levels.


Tamer Institute continually emphasized empowering the existing Nakheel groups so they can be
more effective in their local community through different types of training, workshops, and activities that built their capacity. This empowered them and helped them to become more effective in transmitting Tamer’s values and their experience to other youth and activating them in their local community. This past year Tamer's aim was to expand the Nakheel groups to cover wider areas especially in refugee camps and the marginalized areas.