3rd July 2023
  Implementing Visual Arts in Children's Literature

On Thursday 3/10/2022, Tamer Institute for Community Education concluded an empowering educational track on the use of plastic arts and recycling in designing and implementing activities to enhance the ability of children and adolescents to creative expression. The Foundation hosted Patricia Toma, a German writer and illustrator of children's and youth stories, who has long experience working with children, librarians and teachers in schools and libraries around the world.

The educational and artistic neighborhood, which lasted for 7 days, included a variety of workshops, including making puppets, making theaters in different forms, dramatic techniques, making stories, and other artistic exercises. A large part of the workshops relied on recycling different materials. The librarians and female librarians of the Community Libraries Network in Palestine praised Mujawara and the importance of the exercises in helping them develop creative activities that help children break the barrier of shyness, free expression and creativity. It is noteworthy that this track comes within the program: "Towards Third Places in Libraries in Palestine", which aims to enable libraries to be third, inclusive, safe and creative places for children and youth.