Inclusion and pluralism Policy at Tamer Institute for Community Education


 Tamer Institute for Community Education seeks to provide an incubating and safe learning environment and space for pluralism and difference, employing its mission, work philosophy and the capabilities of its employees, as well as the capabilities of the community, in order to provide this environment. The Institution’s staff works to continue to provide means of justice based on the principle of non-discrimination stipulated in international covenants and human rights principles that all groups and individuals, regardless of their abilities, capabilities, references and social and cultural backgrounds, have the right of participation and expression, and to facilitate the provision of knowledge to them in their languages. At the level of generalizing the concept of inclusion and pluralism in the Tamer Foundation, the Foundation is based on a number of convictions in its vision and strategic plans to enhance this culture, and to ensure the participation of all segments of society in the Foundation’s programs, by adopting an approach based on inclusion and pluralism that makes everyone partners in building, Owners are entitled to equal access to knowledge in its broadest form.

Gender Policy at Tamer Institute for Community Education


 Tamer Institute staff works and dreams to continue providing justice based on the principle of gender equality and empowering girls and women, and for all groups and individuals to have the same right to learn, , participate, and express their issues by themselves and without mediators. The Institution seeks by presenting its programs to all segments of Palestinian society without discrimination on the basis of gender, and in a natural “livelihood” context, that it could contribute in building a healthy, cultural and human growth between the sexes, We always consider the importance of breaking down the barriers set by society between the sexes, and we realize the importance of building joint programs that depend on linking words with action and practice. Hence, events and activities are organized jointly, especially when we talk about youth teams in Tamer, where teams grow in groups that do not distinguish between members on the basis of gender, these groups practice all participatory values in a natural context. Hence, the differences established by society between males and females are eliminated.

Prevention of Harassment, Exploitation and Sexual Abuse Policy at tamer institute for Community Education


Based on the Global Charter of Human Rights to which  Tamer institution is committed to, and based on the Universal Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, and based on Tamer institution’s philosophy of work and community education in Palestinian society, and its belief in the need to work towards providing a free and safe learning environment for all groups in society, women, men, children And young men and women, and that every person has the right to live and work in an environment that guarantees security and safety, and in an effort by the Foundation to provide a free and safe work environment for its employees and workers, the Foundation has developed a policy to prevent sexual harassment in all its forms, and this policy imposes a set of rules Which are:

     The Rules

1. Sexual exploitation and abuse by male and female workers in the establishment is considered a very abusive behavior, and therefore constitutes a reason for terminating the employment contract with the employee within the Zero Tolerance Policy.


2. Sexual intercourse in all its forms and suggestions with children under the age of eighteen (regardless of local cultural beliefs) is strictly prohibited, within the framework of the institution's work and the scope of its tasks and responsibilities.


3. All practices based on the exchange of money, labor, goods or services for any sexual act are strictly prohibited, including the solicitation of sexual favors. In addition to other humiliating, humiliating and exploitative behaviors. This includes an aid exchange dedicated to beneficiaries.


4. Any sexual relationship between male and female workers in the institution and in the field of protection with beneficiaries is strictly prohibited, as these relationships undermine the credibility and integrity of humanitarian work.


5. Male and female employees of the Institution must report immediately through the available reporting means if they have suspicions about the involvement of one of his colleagues or one of his female colleagues in sexual exploitation or abuse, whether he/she works in the same institution or another.


6. Male and female employees of the Institution should strive to create and maintain an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse. They should also urge the implementation of their code of conduct. The administration at all levels is responsible for supporting and developing systems that help preserve that environment.

 Child Protection Policy at Tamer Institute for Community Education


​​​​​​​Tamer Institution for Community Education is keen to provide a free and safe working and learning environment of respect, equality and inclusion, and works to ensure a safe environment for children from exposure to violence, harm, exploitation and neglect. Children have the right to life, progress, protection and participation, based on the values ​​of the institution centered around children and their needs the best, since its establishment in 1989 until today, where the institution’s values, policies and approach to working with children intersect with the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child. Channels consistent with the nature of the societies targeted by the institution with its various interventions.

This policy aims at emphasizing the importance of an open and informed environment that allows for the discussion of issues of concern towards the safety and security of the child and to address them in a fair and consistent with the realistic natural context so that it is applied in order to reduce the risk of children being harmed. It is also used to work on educating workers, volunteers and groups target and the local community around the thorny issues related to child abuse in an effort to spread a safe and child-friendly culture where all relevant stakeholders are committed to implementing interventions targeting children to maintain their safety. This policy is one of the reference documents of the Tamer Foundation, which forms the basis for workers through the institution's interventions with children, emphasizing the best interest and safety of children.