18th July 2023
  "Safe Spaces" Project

Tamer Institute launched the "Safe Spaces" project in partnership with 25 organizations, schools, and community libraries, in collaboration with UNICEF.

The project aims to create safe spaces for the most marginalized children in the community to express themselves, enhance their psychological and social well-being through expressive arts, and protect them from risks and violations they may face in society. The project provides case management and psychological counseling services to support children.

The project operates within a comprehensive community framework that involves children, organizations, schools, preschools, parents, aiming to promote a culture of child protection and empower community-based institutions and stakeholders. This is achieved through the formation of community committees and voluntary youth groups, as well as their training on topics related to child protection. Additionally, the project includes the publication of books on child protection to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding children and to promote awareness and response to the violations children experience in the Palestinian society.