15th July 2023
  Librarian Days

In the last quarter of 2018, Tamer Institute for Community Education launched several projects primarily focused on libraries. These projects aim to activate the role of libraries in the lives of community members and enhance their impact on them.

As a step towards achieving the desired communication between the Tamer team and library managers, two library days were implemented in the first week of December 2018, gathering several community library managers who are members of Tamer's library network.

During these two days, twenty-eight library managers attended, and various activities were carried out to enhance team building, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and more. The activities created a spirit of love and enjoyment, beautifully blending the teams together. Everyone worked collaboratively, effectively communicating and taking initiatives. This served as a means to relieve the frustration that may arise among the librarians due to the difficult circumstances experienced by Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. It all starts with listening to them and gradually progressing with them, enhancing their psychological well-being and creating a positive energy within them.

The atmosphere was filled with interaction and activity, providing a valuable opportunity to engage with library managers on a deeper level, getting to know them, introducing them to projects and planned activities, and engaging in conceptual discussions about the role of libraries and their role as librarians. It also allowed for discussions about the problems they face and the ideas that occupy their minds. There was space to share all these details and provide suggestions to address some challenges. At the end of these two days, the enthusiasm and optimism for the upcoming period shone through, reflecting the participants' spirit and anticipation for future accomplishments.