6th November 2019


Giggling all over. Excited silence. Then the girls squeal of delight.

About 50 Palestinian school girls are listening, the teacher reading aloud the Danish children’s book “Silly Lilly”.

It is the story of the girl Lilly who has swallowed the word "stupid", then she begins doing silly things, all thinks she is silly, and she hides away in Silly-land. Until some adults tell her that she is both funny, honest, sweet and helpful to others. So, also a story about how talking bad about other people can do bad, and make people not only feel but also think bad about themselves - for no reason.

ℹ️“Silly Lilly” is written by Danish author Mette Vedsø and published by @JensenOgDalgaard, translated from Danish to Arabic by Tamer Istitute for Community Education with support from The Danish House, as Palestinian books have been translated into Danish. The vision is to give Palestinian and Danish children insight into each other’s cultures.