11th May 2019

Through a press conference held in Ramallah on April 6th, 2019, and in the presence of Dr. Sabri Saidam, the minister of Education and Higher Education in Palestine, Tamer Institute for Community Education, in cooperation with Save The Children/Palestine and the Swedish Development Organization Diakonia launched its National Reading Campaign under the slogan of "The Jar That Became a Galaxy”. 

Mr. Saidam along with the children of Houari Boumediene School at the old city of Ramallah inaugurated the campaign activities by reading the story which holds the same title of the campaign. He also assured the need for such a campaign that encourages reading in the Palestinian society. 

The campaign will continue throughout the year in collaboration with more than 300 partners across Palestine including community libraries, schools, youth centers and ministries. A collaboration that stems from the value of collective contributions of the broad community which emphasizes on Tamer’s believes of the power of reading to form a Palestinian generation free of all forms of occupation, where they are capable of expressing themselves and their identity despite all the harsh circumstances.

 The campaign "The Jar That Became a Galaxy” aims to broaden the horizons of imagination through reading, Tamer believes that reading, writing and expressing will consequently lead to a rising generation who questioning everything around them. Questioning as a value and a skill, making the curiosity growwith every move and every tale of the grandparents and the land, with all the vivid details of the four moons above the sage hills of Mount Meron and Tall Asur.  In this respect, it strengths the social fabric of the community as it aims to nourish the bond between people, while focusing on the positive values of generosity, respect and love.

 The reading campaign comprises more than 1000 activities for the Palestinian girls and boys including launching new children stories, art exhibitions, storytelling, book discussions, poetry events, music, book exhibitions, and theater from Palestine and the world.

 Tamer’s Director, Ms.Renad Qubbaj, articulated the philosophy behind the campaign and its slogan: "The girl, the boy, the sea of ​​Jaffa and the anemones, whose roots reach deep into the heart of land, create a horizon that speaks to all times, and introduce us to an ever-evolving culture. As such, the campaign is an open invitation for all members of the community to share the pleasure of reading and imagining with family and friends; it is a call for books to become a part of our habits and experiences."

 With this campaign, Tamer celebrates its 30th anniversary, where it commemorates the publishing of thousands of children's stories through “My First book”, Yara’t supplement and “Reading Passports”, as well as various researches reaching millions of readers. 

Throعgh its diverse experiences with children, youth, teachers and librarians, Tamer has learned how to walk and leave a mark. The mutual appreciation between Tamer and the children is not merely outlined by years, but rather by the numerous experiences Tamer has gained with the people holding on to this belief.”

  It is worth noting that Tamer Institute for Community Education is a national non-profit organization concerned in community education. It was founded in response to the urgent need of the Palestinian community to acquire effective means of learning and cognitive production under difficult social and economic conditions within the Israeli occupation. Since its birth, the Foundation’s vision aimed towards "a free and safe Palestinian society", and it employs its mission, its strategies and staff abilities for the realization of this vision. 

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