26th June 2023

About the resource center

The Children's Literature Resource Center at Tamer Institute for Community Education provides many community services and activities that target children and youth in the Palestinian society. Librarians and storytellers, and hosting writers and authors of children's literature in Palestine, to discuss their work and develop this type of literature. The center also annually launches a campaign to encourage the habit of reading in cooperation with several cultural institutions. Each year, this campaign adopts a theme and title stemming from a societal or national issue.

How does the Tamer Foundation see the resource center?

The Tamer Institute for Community Education considers the resource center as the backbone on which it is based, and the incubator for the children's literature project through the periodic workshops that are held in it, whether for children's literature writers, illustrators, editors, or librarians. It is thus the link between the institution and the Palestinian society, and the entity that provides the bulk of direct services to those concerned with children's literature within it. Therefore, it must meet an important set of conditions, whether in terms of location, employees, or the quality of the services it provides.

The Children's Literature Resource Center can benefit from the expertise and guidance of the Children's Literature Committee, which includes a large number of the most prominent stakeholders, writers, illustrators, and translators in children's literature in Palestine, by working on preparing a set of meetings with it to assess the status of the resource center and the workshops that are held in it, and to provide suggestions that Help to develop it and build on what is in it.

The Resource Center is the main driver of the campaign to encourage reading, and the axis that connects the Tamer Foundation with other community, civil and governmental institutions during the campaign, through which these institutions are contacted and invited to participate in the activities of the Reading Week, in addition to being the resource for all that is new in children's literature from Publications, which he works to provide permanently to children's libraries distributed in the various cities of Palestine, and to many schools, clubs and charities that deal in one way or another with children.