3rd فبراير 2022


2/2/2022 – Ramallah - The series of “the Encyclopedia of Palestinian Folk Tales” won “the Palestinian State Award in Literature, Arts and Humanities for the year 2021, under the category of “Palestine for Social Studies and Humanities”. The award was presented by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture. We, at Tamer Institute are honored to congratulate the authors Dr. Sharif Kanaana and Nabil Alqam on the release of this series and winning the award.

“The Encyclopedia of Palestinian Folk Tales” is published by Tamer Institute for Community Education in 2021-2022. Dr Sharif states “I’m very proud of this encyclopedia; it’s the fruit of half a decade of hard work and hundreds of trips I took all over Palestine to collect, organize, and document stories from all areas”.

Each one of the 5 volumes addresses a different kind of relationships observed within the Palestinian heritage and culture. The relationships that the encyclopedia addresses are the ones observed between husband & wife, mother-in-law & daughter-in-law, father & son, siblings, family & society.

This series is a reflection of Tamer Institute’s wider vision of documenting oral history and heritage which is a key work dimension within the knowledge-based and cultural production program at Tamer.

Tamer Institute for Community Education is a non-profit organization; it was established in 1989 in Jerusalem as an organic response to the urgent needs of the Palestinian community for alternative sources of education in light of the first Intifada. The main values Tamer Institutes believes in and disseminates within the Palestinian community include free expression, equality, inclusion, social justice, voluntary work, reading, writing and expressive arts as a tool for community development. “Towards a Free Safe Learning Palestinian Community” is the main vision Tamer seeks to achieve.