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The National Reading Campaign in the Palestinian Society

“Something Awaits you in this World, Stand for it!”

April 14th-20th


Tamer institute launches the National Reading Campaign in the Palestinian society under the theme “Something Awaits you in this World, Stand for it”, as a platform to rearrange and reassess cultural and educational priorities and needs in the Palestinian community. The campaign provokes curiosity and mobilization in the search for our cultural and educational priorities and needs. This year, the reading week explores known standards; reading is an act in progress, it is an old-new act. However, reading takes a secondary place in relation to other interests. The campaign thus aims to irritate silence and stillness, and to shake the feelings of weakness and marginalization. It calls out for community members to read despite our difficult living situation. We de-compose the logo, quoted by the great Ghasan Kanafani:

Something.. with its holistic and general meaning, it includes everyone.

Awaits you.. It holds a magnificent power, striking each heart and mind.

In this World..  Expanding horizons, making possibilities boundless. It shows that we are not restricted to a village, city, occupation, or career. We have unlimited options

Stand for it.. this is a call for all people to take initiative in change and development, in support for youth leaders, and in motivation and encouragement of creativity and innovation. It is a call to keep curiosity alive. It’s an invitation to do, and not curse the darkness; reading lights up the road.

The poster of the campaign symbolizes the beginning of search and exploration. The movement in the photo refers to the energy busting out of children’s curiosity, it is a silent movement nonetheless. We ask you to rise, raise your voices, explore your curiosity, fill up on movement and mobility, in search of joy and communal and societal productivity. Let’s express our energy and power, regardless of differences.

The National Reading Campaign in the Palestinian society invites all Palestinians to join the joy, exploration, and learning with family and friends. It invites all Palestinian to stamp their lives with a reading habit.

For further details on the campaign and central activities across governorates, and on how to participate, please follow our website www.tamerinst.org, our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TamerInstitute, or email us at tamer@palnet.com

TAMER Institute for Community Education is an educational non-governmental organization established in 1989 as a natural and necessary response to the urgent needs of the Palestinian community during the first intifada (uprising).The most important of these is the need to acquire means to help people learn and become productive. Focusing principally on the rights to education, identity, freedom of expression, and access to information, Tamer works across the West Bank and Gaza Strip, primarily targeting children and young adults to encourage and deepen opportunities of learning among them. (Read more)

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